A Roadmap for Retrofits in Canada II (CaGBC report)

This new CaGBC report sets out a series of comprehensive actions for industry, non-profit organizations and governments to build a world-leading retrofit economy by 2030 that improves the performance of existing buildings and creates new economic opportunities for Canadians.

The Report states that the environmental and economic potential of Canada’s retrofit economy cannot be developed by governments alone – it requires industry leadership and innovative market-based mechanisms to generate and sustain results.

  • It calls on private financiers, pension funds, insurers, and other financial intermediaries to develop retrofit lending products (like the Investor Confidence Project) and standardized commercial contracts that foster building owner and financier confidence in deep retrofit projects.
  • It also encourages building owners to proactively disclose building energy and carbon performance, and to share data on the performance of their retrofit projects in order to help the retrofit economy evolve.


Executive Summary:



The full A Roadmap for Retrofits in Canada II: Building Strong Market Infrastructure for the Retrofit Economy report is available on the CaGBC’s website.