(IGBC 2017) IAQ & Energy Efficiency of Air Filters / Tobias Zimmer

Tobias Zimmer / Global Product Manager Comfort, Camfil

Tobias Zimmer is a product marketing specialist holding an MBA in International Management from the Euro-FH, University of Applied Science in Hamburg, Germany. He gained his MBA for an analysis of the Industrial air cleaner industry: “Industry structure of the German market for industrially used air cleaners”.

Tobias Zimmer gained more than 13 years of experience in the international ventilation industry. Since 2009 Tobias Zimmer has been employed by Camfil, the industry leading air filter manufacturer based in Sweden. He has held various positions within product management and his current position is Global Product Manager Comfort.

Camfil_IGBC Singapore Energy ISo 16890 + EN 16798
  • Energy efficient air filtration standard
  • How to save energy without compromising IAQ
  • Energy performance of Building – EU acc. new EN 16798-3


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