(IGBC 2017) Maintaining Good Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) in Buildings / Sigrid Zialcita

Sigrid Zialcita / Managing Director, Research, Asia Pacific, Cushman and Wakefield, Singapore

As Head of Research and Advisory Services for the Asia Pacific region, Sigrid is responsible for leading a regional research group that provides thought leadership across 15 countries in Asia Pacific. Based in Singapore, she is a frequent speaker at industry events and forums. Her commentary on real estate markets is regularly featured in a wide array of global publications, including the Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, Bloomberg, New York Times and Reuters. Additionally, she has made several television appearances on financial networks and radio such as CNN, Bloomberg, CNBC, National Public Radio and Channel News Asia.

Maintaining Good IAQ In Buildings / Sigrid Zialcita
  • What are your rights when it comes to maintaining standards in indoor air quality?
  • How can problems related to indoor air quality be rectified?
  • Six steps to ensuring indoor air quality – what are these?


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