(IGBC 2017) Reducing CO2 Emissions by Co-Creating a Green and Smart City / Morten Kabell

Morten Kabel / Mayor for Environmental and Technical Affairs Copenhagen

Morten Kabell is the Mayor of Technical and Environmental Affairs of Copenhagen since 2014. Mortens vision is to transform Copenhagen into a greener city with higher livability. His political focus is changing the traffic in Copenhagen so more people will use bicycles and public transportation.

Morten believes that Copenhagen has a responsibility regarding the world’s climate situation and he is very focused on international corporation and networking between cities in order to inspire each other and show how to implement roadmaps towards ambitious climate goals. For example Copenhagen has a solid climate plan leading the city to become the first carbon neutral capital in the world by 2025. In 2014 Copenhagen was the European Green Capital, where the city focused on sharing knowledge, methods and involving citizens around Europe.

Morten has a background as teacher in Copenhagen schools as well as being party secretary for the Red-Green Alliance office of Copenhagen. Since 2006 Morten has been the Red-Green Alliances spokesman in Copenhagen on traffic, climate and urban planning and in 2015 Morten became board member of CPH City & Port Development.

Reducing CO2 Emissions by Co-Creating a Green and Smart City / Morten Kabell
  • Driving Copenhagen’s vision of being CO2 neutral by 2025
  • Improving the city’s facilities to increase the option of cycling by 50%
  • Inaugurating a street lab where smart solutions can be tested within the city
  • Engaging partnerships for energy efficiency development and knowledge sharing


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