MEP Awards 2018: BuroHappold wins sustainable project award

Sustainable Project of the Year went to Burohappold Engineering for Louvre Abu Dhabi project. Gavin Loy, associate director, Burohappold Engineering pictured the award. -ITP Images

BuroHappold Engineering won the 2018 Sustainable Project of the Year award for Louvre Abu Dhabi.

Gavin Loy, associate director, BuroHappold Engineering, said: “I am very honoured to accept the award on behalf of Burohappold. We played a small part in the overall scale of the project that involved various specialists over the years from acoustics, MEP, structural engineering, etc.

“When you walk into Louvre, it’s a peaceful space. The services are very well integrated with the architecture. Behind the scenes, there is a network of engineering services and it’s been designed in the most sustainable way to reduce energy.”

The Louvre buildings appear to float in the shallow inshore waters of the island’s coastline.

The Louvre was designed to withstand Abu Dhabi’s extreme climate, which means aggressive airborne dust and sand, high salinity, humidity and the occasional sandstorm. Visitor comfort is also vital, but difficult to achieve in 40 degrees C heat.

Using passive design techniques BuroHappold has improved sheltered outside conditions and ensured that visitors arriving at the museum and moving under the dome roof, will experience the beginning of the gradual transition from an uncontrolled outside to a controlled inside environment. The building has been designed under UAE sustainable guidelines in the spirit of the LEED green building rating system

The main cooling plant on the Louvre uses a district cooled chilled-water system. Dedicated Fresh Air Handling Units with heat recovery provide conditioned fresh air to the gallery and art spaces. The project uses different HVAC systems including air handling units with chilled water cooling coils, hot water coils and humidifiers for gallery spaces, separate close control units for precision air conditioning, fan coil units for general space cooling, and passive chilled beam and chilled ceiling systems in the office and entrance areas.

Source: MEP Middle East